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Appendix C Quick Reference

Cheat sheets for common tasks

The Eight-Step: Adding Commits to the Definitive Repository

We will describe the process of moving commits on a “topic” branch in a local repository to the master branch of a definitive repository where you have permission to push, and the repository is configured as a remote in your local repository. Eventually, the logic of this procedure will become second nature.

  1. git checkout master

    Prepare to bring the local master branch up-to-date.

  2. git pull

    Pull new commits from the definitive repository into the local master branch.

  3. git checkout topic

    Move back to the topic branch (which will have a different name).

  4. git rebase master

    Move the branch point of the topic branch to the tip of updated master. Resolve any conflicts which occur during the replay phase of the rebase.

  5. git checkout master

    Move back to the local master branch in preparation for modifying it.

  6. git branch -d topic

    The topic branch pointer is obsolete as it duplicates the master branch pointer.

  7. git merge topic

    Use a fast-forward merge to bring the topic branch into the master branch.

  8. git push

    Move new commits on the local master branch to the master branch of the definitive repository.

List C.0.1 The Eight-Step: Adding Commits to the Definitive Repository