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Chapter 9 Parting Shot

There are often many ways to accomplish the same thing in git, and some will be easier than others. You can find lots of advice on the Internet, some of it is even good. Sites where answers get upvoted or downvoted are often useful. As you gain a good understanding of the basic principles of how git works and the job it has been designed for, you will get better at locating and evaluating suggestions. We have tried to give you a headstart on that basic understanding. Take notes when you find good stuff that works for you. (Much of the later bits and pieces here are inspired by our own notes accumulated through our first three years of gaining valuable experience with git.)

Beware of dogma. Some will say you should never rewrite history–we do it all the time. Others will say you should always do fast-forward merges and obtain a perfectly linear history–impossible on a big public project. Use your independent judgement, and always remember the first of our principles, Principle 1.0.2, git is just a tool.

But most of all, have fun and don't panic!