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\(\newcommand{\definiteintegral}[4]{\int_{#1}^{#2}\,#3\,d#4} \newcommand{\indefiniteintegral}[2]{\int#1\,d#2} \newcommand{\lt}{<} \newcommand{\gt}{>} \newcommand{\amp}{&} \)

Section 8 Graphics in Exercises

It is natural to want to write exercises that rely on graphics. For example, an exericse might produce a chart of some kind, and ask the reader to extract some information from that chart.

At present, this can be done using the same mechanism one would use to insert a graphic into a WeBWorK problem when writing regular WeBWorK problems. (And this is what is done below.) In the future, there will be a nicer option that will be able to make use of PTX's latex-image-code. This requires some WeBWorK development first, which is underway.