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Section 26 Customizations

Subsection 26.1 Renaming Document Parts, Plus This Is A Really Long Title So That We Can Test How Well It Reacts To The Right Margin And Wraps Around To Form A Couple Of Lines, Plus How It Sits Relative To The Number Of The Subsection

“Names” for various parts of a document are determined exactly once for each language, ensuring consistency and saving you the bother of always typing them in.

However, you may want to have “Conundrum”s in your document and you have no use for any “Proposition”s. So you can repurpose the proposition tag to render a different name. Or you might have a Lab Manual and want to rename subsection as “Activity”. See the docinfo portion of this sample article to see how this is done, in concert with the example below. Note that you may provide versions for different languages, and that the @lang attribute here is just slightly different than the general @@xml:lang attribute.

Important Notes

If you are renaming many parts of your document, then you may not understand the design philosophy of PreTeXt. In particular, you should not be doing a wholesale shuffle of part, chapter, section, etc. This feature is intended for very limited use and is not considered best practice.

This feature could also be abused to provide a comprehensive suite of translations into a language not yet supported. If so, please contact us about moving your translations into PreTeXt for the benefit of all. Thanks.