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Section 9.9 mbx on Windows

At present, the mbx script assumes that your installation is similar to the one described in Appendix H. Making the mbx script Windows-compatible is an ongoing project. It is possible you may find a bug, which we would ask that you report. In addition, if you have followed the directions in Appendix H, then you will need to customize the mbx.cfg configuration file, which tells mbx where to find the helper programs it relies on. See below for the details.

The script uses a utility called pdfcrop to, well, crop PDF images generated by a engine. This utility has not been made to work in the Windows CMD shell. If you want to generate images on Windows, you should use the Git Bash shell as described in Section H.3.

  1. Copy the file



  2. Replace the right-hand side of the entry for pdfpng with the full path name of the convert utility installed with ImageMagick (Section H.5), using forward slashes. It will be something like