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Chapter1(*) Producing a Book

You have finished using PreTeXt to write a textbook, research monograph, laboratory manual, writer's handbook, or some other scholarly work, and you want to share it openly with students and other readers. Good! That's why we created PreTeXt, and why we include this chapter. There is more to do.

This chapter will try to distill our personal experience, along with many conversations with other authors confronting these same decisions. But recognize there is a lot of advice here, and a bit of an attitude, simply for your consideration. The decisions are yours.

Open Source

PreTeXt is open source software, but that places no restrictions on how you use output that PreTeXt creates (see Item B.0.1:8). You are welcome to sell your copyright to a commercial publisher or university press. But just once, here and now, we will encourage you to consider an open license (see Chapter 2) as a way of paying it forward.